Chanel Neon Wave: Electrify Your Look This Summer 2017

The Chanel Neon Wave Limited Edition Collection: Hyper Pigmented Eyeshadows and Fluid Enamels. Fluorescent nails. Luminous and satiny eyes. Play with the contrasts to electrify your look.

Chanel Neon Wave Limited Edition Collection Summer 2018

Chanel Neon Wave is a bold and super glamorous collection

Fluorescent nails, brilliant and bright look, the invitation is to play with contrasts to make your summer 2017 look sparkling.

For authentic Enamel friends, the fluorescent Le Vernis quartet and the beautiful hyper-pigmented eye shadows that give light and depth to the look.

Chanel Neon Wave Collection – What makes a brand truly unique? The ability to always astonish, to interpret trends according to their style and to be innovative.

This limited edition Chanel collection, which interpreted the spirit of summer 2017, encloses all of these elements and the Maison, once rewritten all its codes, from the mythical perfume Chanel n.5 to the colors loved by Coco Chanel with the Collection of Coco Codes, here it breaks off an original fluorescent collection.

Inspired by pop and lively colors, Chanel Neon Wave is made up of four dusty eye shadows and four Le Vernis Neon.

The Chanel Neon Wave Enamel Collection: Fluorescent and Brilliant Colors

The Chanel Neon Wave glazes are simply unique and perfect for summer.

The nail polish in this season is in the foreground, accomplices tanning, colors and prints of clothing and the accessory to point to is certainly enamel!

You will find irresistible fluorescent and vibrant colors from the Chanel Neon Wave enamel collection collection : four magnetic and vibrant colors that will enhance your hands like no other enamel.

Electrifying your look with Chanel Neon Wave enamels

The exclusive creation of NEON WAVE collection, Chanel’s latest novelty for the summer of 2017, this enamel quartet gives free vent to intense, vibrant colors with fluffy effect.

Finally a collection of bold enamels for those who love to really dare with the look!

The reference is certainly to the fluffy tones of the 1980s, but the peculiarity of these colors is that, while being very strong, they still make the hands elegant and never too overwhelming.

NEON NAIL COLOUR: Four shades that can not be missed in summer’s beauty!

Chanel Neon Wave Nail Colour Le Vernis Electric

Le Vernis Electric

An intense electric blue, which encloses all the beauty of the summer.

The Vernis Electric is just perfect for being worn and with all colors.

An intense electric blue, which encloses all the beauty of the summer.

The Vernis Electric is just perfect for being worn and with all colors.

Chanel Neon Wave Nail Colour Le Vernis Fantastic

Le Vernis Fantastic

Fantastic is a dazzling shade of emerald green that will conquer you.

The green enamel is apparently difficult to bring and with which we dare not all, but in reality is a perfect shade in summer and autumn, which stands on neutral colors like beige and perfect to combine with floral prints.

I have experienced so many green enamels but I must say that Chanel’s Fantastic is a perfect shade, because it’s brilliant but still discreet.

Chanel Neon Wave Nail Colour Le Vernis Magnetic

Le Vernis Magnetic

The pink enamel is a bit like red enamel, you have to find the perfect shade.

Chanel’s Magnetic is a blinding and brilliant neon pink… I would be the definitive color of summer 2017!

A fluffy rose like you’ve never seen, bright and chic.

Chanel Neon Wave Nail Colour Le Vernis Ultrasonic

Le Vernis Ultrasonic

Orange is surely the color of summer 2017 and ultrasonic neon tones are a hymn to the hot and blinding summer sun.

A fluorescent orange absolutely to be tried with tanning and this particular shade is exalted above all by daylight.

Like all Chanel enamels, these colors are also very easy to apply thanks to the small panel that easily slides on the nail.

With the second pass you get a good covering effect but if you want a dazzling effect, I also recommend three color applications.

Finally, the top coat is indispensable for brilliant nails.

Le Vernis Neon enamels are part of Chanel’s limited edition Neon Wave collection, available online at Chanel’s website.

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