Chanel Make-Up Spring 2015: Rêverie Parisienne Collection

Chanel presents the new line make-up for spring 2015; Rêverie Parisienne. Available in vibrant coral and various satin rose dedicated to enhance the beauty of every woman in the new season. The springtime gardens of Paris with its deep and soft colors inspire the new collection, defined as a romantic tribute to female beauty, sophisticated and delicate tones.

The New Chanel Make-Up Spring 2015 Rêverie Parisienne Collection

Vibrant corals and elegant shades of pink satin define the new arrivals Chanel Rêverie Parisienne make-up spring 2015. In detail, the collection is available in several lines of items, start from blushers, eyeliners to lipsticks, glossimers and nail polishes enlivened by trendy and lively tones. And here on Fashionbashon, let’s find out the price list details!

Chanel Make-Up Spring 2015 Rêverie Parisienne: Jardin De Chanel makeup

Jardin de Chanel ($55.00): the Blush Camélia Rosé is a limited edition blush that brings a touch of spring on the cheeks. The packaging is really impressive with camellia flowers carved, enclosed in a black lacquered case. The color is a mix of soft pink and deep pink. The texture is silky and light. Here you can also discover 13 “secrets” for an easy and effective make up.

Joues Contraste ($45.00): the powder blusher gives color and radiance to the complexion. It is easy to apply and it has silky and compact texture. The product is available in a new shade, 190 Angélique.

Les 4 Ombres ($61.00): the eyeshadow is modulated by the multiple effects available in two new colors 236 Tissé Fantasies and 238 Tissé Paris.

Chanel Make-Up Spring 2015 Rêverie Parisienne: Lèvres Scintillantes lipgloss

Lèvres Scintillantes ($29.50): lip gloss makes lips glistening. The color is intense, the gel consistency creates a volume effect while the esters give brightness and ensure hydration long. For the new collection, the product is available in two exclusive shades, 192 Fleur d’Eau and 194 Crazy Fuchsia.

Rouge Allure ($35.00): the latest Chanel lipstick which is offered in two new shades, 152 Insaissisable and 154 Badine. The colors are bright and intense. Check out also: Kiko Milano Haute Punk Make Up Collection.

Chanel Make-Up Spring 2015 Rêverie Parisienne: Rouge Allure Velvet matte lipsticks

Rouge Allure Velvet ($35.00): a lipstick in bright matt finish with velvety and comfortable texture. Through the latest arrivals Chanel Reverie Parisienne collection, it is available in two different colors, the 49 Pétillante and 50 Romanesque.

Rouge Coco Shine ($35.00): fudge, moisturizing and bright lipstick of Chanel, ideal to dress your lips color for a sensual touch of the new season. The product is available in 33 bright shades of colors. Among the new spring shades are 97 désinvolte and 98 Étourdie.

The new Chanel make-up also includes the Stylo Yeux Waterproof ($32.00), the long lasting eyebrow pencil, available in 16 colors; including 912 Ardoise, 909 bleu métallique, 83 cassis and more and the lip liner Le Crayon Lèvres ($29.00) that is offered in two new colors 91 Rose Délicat and 92 Capucine.

Even the nails are dressed in extreme colors and glossy enamel, Le Vernis ($27.00), Chanel makes it available in 58 different colors, among of them, the three of the newest ones are 641Tenderly, 643 Désirio and 645 Paradisio.

Those are among the latest arrivals make up collection we select here for you at Fashionbashon along with the price details. Discover and shop more products at official Chanel Beauty Spring 2015 Rêverie Parisienne!

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