Chanel Le Rouge lipstick collection 2014: plums, soft reds and beige for lips

We talk about the lips, let’s talk about color, let’s talk about red, or rather talk about Chanel’s Le Rouge. Representation of the philosophy of Madame Coco lipstick he considered indispensable, indeed it was the hub of all the make-up. For 2014 the COLLECTION VARIATION offers a wide range of variations of this year’s fashion colors for a mouth always in the foreground.

Chanel Le Rouge lipstick collection 2014: collection variation le rouge

Beige – the naturalness of Chanel Le Rouge

Natural color, what good is all that conveys elegance and style, is multifaceted and variations, from lipstick to lip gloss, pencil, novelty products that are as gamma or as a limited edition. Rouge Coco 61 Cheri: delicate peach – limited edition Rouge Coco Shine 89 Satisfaction: beige intense – new range in Rouge Allure 144 Conquise: apricot silked – limited edition Lèvres Scintillantes 181 Bliss: fishing with golden pearl effect – in the news range, the crayon lèvres: 34 Natural: beige deep and 89 Beige Satin: pink beige, both is the new range of colors. Read also simple treatment during this summer: Tips to protect a tattoo!

Pink and red – the femininity of Chanel Le Rouge

On Chanel Le Rouge lipstick collection 2014, there are classic colors, those that identify a woman who wants pleasure and liking, novelty in the red for something intense and delicate pink to better define, in all new range. Rouge Coco Shine 91 Bohème: bright red and vibrant – new range in Rouge Allure Velvet 46 La malicieuse: red velvet filled with light effect – new range in the crayon lèvres: 88 Rose claire: a very delicate pink. Check out also Hairstyling trends spring summer 2014 we have shown on our previous topic you few days ago!

The plum – the audacity of Chanel Le Rouge

Chanel Le Rouge lipstick collection 2014: le rouge chanel makeup

It’s a color for those who want to stand out and not go unnoticed, perhaps challenging but beautiful is the one with greater variation, for this season, in all its opportunities of Chanel products. Rouge Coco 62 Irresistible: old rose but with silver effects – limited edition Rouge Coco Shine 90 Mutine: pale pink with silver highlights – limited edition Rouge Coco Shine 92 Emotion: deep plum slightly pinkish – limited edition Rouge Allure 145 Rayonnate: deep pink with mauve reflections – new range in Rouge Allure Velvet 47 Amoureuse: pink aintico intense and seductive – latest range Lèvres Scintillantes 182 Tocade: the brilliantly glossy plum for excellence – in new range. See all the Chanel COLLECTION VARIATION 2014 on the gallery below!

And for the nails, the spectacular Le Vernis 609 Coup de coeur, the plum lacquer, deep and intense for the hands irresistible limited edition.

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