Chanel Le Lift Crème, smart skincare cream from Chanel

Every day we hear of the landing of new anti-aging formulas that promise to stop the passage of time in our skin, but not all of his new proposals based on scientific studies, as it has this time Chanel cosmetics firm that after 10 years of study, launches its anti-aging Le Lift Crème, it’s a revolutionary cream that introduces us to a new era in skincare, intelligent and personalized treatment, to cover all the needs required in skin treatment women today.

Le Lift Crème, smart skincare cream from Chanel

Starting from the premise that the skin of each mature woman differently, Chanel Le Lift has created a line of anti-aging treatments smart in perfect harmony with the history of each woman. Don’t miss also Kiko Sportproof Active Colors 2014!

The efficacy of Chanel cosmetics Le Lift is based on a pure, potent and active natural concentrate exclusively obtained after 12 years of research: the 3.5-DA. This active work in accordance with the history of each woman’s skin, neutralizing the action of the MIRS activators of skin aging and regulates their number, so reactivating the production of youth proteins.

But to make all this more accessible and understandable to all of us scientific explanation, we can summarize this anti-aging treatment Chanel Le Lift Crème contains tensin, an ingredient that is able to preserve the shape and vitality of cells ensuring maximum flexibility and density skin, helping you to recover all his firmness and volume of youth.

Following the premise that every skin needs a different formula to achieve better results, the anti -aging treatment Le Lift Crème, smart skincare cream from Chanel comes in 3 different forms (textures, light and cream):

Chanel Le Lift Crème, smart skincare cream

– Chanel Le Lift crème fine: with a fresh texture, fast absorbing, oil-free, this cream is the lightest of the three.

– Chanel Le Lift crème: With a smooth, creamy textures that will make your skin feel lighter and more pleasant.

– Chanel Le Lift crème Rich: with a rich and nourishing texture that wraps skin feeling silky smooth.

With the survey results in the skin of 30 women, after a month of application, the skin regains its flexibility, strength, elasticity and traits benefit from a lifting effect. Wrinkles, even deep ones, visibly smoothed.

For the launch of this new anti-aging cream in Chanel have not been able to choose best example of the beauty that actress Diane Kruger, who are already doing different collaborations. For women’s fashion collection, check out also Chanel fashion handbags fall winter 2015!

The price for this new product is available at $165.00, for more detail information you can see on its official website. Well, what do you think this new commitment of Le Lift Crème, smart skincare cream from Chanel?

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