Chanel Jewelry: prices for the most luxury Jewels catalog fall winter 2013 2014

And here is one of the most luxury French fashion brands, most loved and desired by women and in addition to the famous clothing and bags, this popular brand also offers the latest collection for luxury and high quality jewelry. Who are we talking? The extravagance of Chanel jewelry will show you also the official prices for the new jewelries catalog.

Chanel Jewelry - Lion Royal

We have selected for you the parts of the new Chanel jewelry collection autumn winter 2013 2014: rings, bracelets and necklaces that are brought by the most glamorous French brand ever. We’ll show you every detail and its official prices for the original Chanel jewelry that will complement our outfits during the cold season. Check out also the collection from Louis Vuitton bags, the must-have collection and handbags trends for women.

The ring collection, which is offered in the Chanel jewelry catalog autumn winter 2013 2014 that you find at the end of the article, is made ​​of enameled metal gold made ​​more precious stones in glass paste with brand embossed running through the band. It is an exceptional jewelry to wear on your own hands to make you look more glamorous and elegant. Discover also the splendor of Venetian art with the new line of Morellato fashion jewelries collection in 2013.

As for the bracelets, the trend of house Chanel for the next cold season is the manchette, that is, high-end models that are declined in many variations fashion that we show in detail:

The first type of manchette bracelet is designed with very fine colored resin material, it is impressed with the two “C” intertwined and decorated with color drops sprayed all over creating a very trendy and elegant look.

The second model offered by that Chanel fashion jewelries for fall-winter is enameled metal decorated with an important cross inlaid with pearls and glass paste.

Sparkling effect assured, especially when paired with a black evening dress, this bracelet is made of metal and grosgrain studded with crystals that form a bow.

The black resin is used for the bracelet with the Chanel logo in gold metal perforated classic taste and modern at the same time.

Black continues to be a leader for bijoux which is presented with decorative cross and beads glazed glass paste.

Always kind of band, this model is made of metal with woven logo imprinted with black velvet and gray that intersects the chain links.

Last but not the least beautiful and elegant bracelet, the model is available in gray and metal velvet with the emblem of the French fashion brand logo in relief.

The collection of Chanel costume jewelry is also a series of short and long necklaces that incorporate the reasons that we have seen on bracelets for a complete look in pendant: interweaving of metal and velvet, pearls interspersed with three-dimensional logos, pearls that stop with a rhinestone bow half-length, triple-strand pearl glass paste, crosses carved and decorated, and much more.


When we speak about the important brands in the fashion industry the price is a variable from the expensive to the affordable one, although when we approach a showcase of Chanel costume jewelry though we well remember that we never hear of falling numbers unless you are in front of an imitation. The ring costs € 290, while a bracelet for the price starts from € 1000, for a necklace and the price is various from € 1200.

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