Chanel fragrances, Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection: 1932, Beige and Jersey

1932, Chanel Beige and Chanel Jersey, here are the three exclusive perfumes launched on Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection of the luxury Parisian fashion house.

Chanel fragrances, Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection

Les Exclusifs de Chanel is a line of fragrances that can only be found in the boutiques of the brand. Ernest Beaux from Jacques Polge, every bottle of the fragrance is highlighted in the research of this perfection. The line of perfume is composed of fragrance sought after, rare and precious that make it unique and unmistakable brand Chanel.

Chanel parfum Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection 1932 fragrance

Among the Chanel fragrances, Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection has more features, first of the new Chanel perfume collection is 1932. In 2012, Jacques Polge has created a perfume faceted like a diamond, which has olfactory aura shining like a necklace of precious stones, which is worn in a sublime way. In 1932 Mademoiselle Chanel Paris dropped a shower of diamond stars. Thus was born a collection of fine jewelry. Jacques Polge -constellation through this collection evokes a white flower, the precious and extremely feminine jasmine. The scent on the skin reveals little by little its sophisticated and voluptuous side, a sweet and velvety caress, more sensual and luxurious perfume collection. Don’t miss also Liu Jo women’s perfume collection 2014!

Chanel fragrances, Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection BEIGE

Another fragrance Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection is the Chanel Beige. It is a scent of nectar. “I seek refuge in beige because it’s natural,” said Mademoiselle Chanel, who loved all the shades of this color that evokes the skin and elegance at the same time. With a creative impulse, Jacques Polge invents a new scent, making notes of hawthorn, freesia and frangipani honeyed hues. Its bouquet is immediate. CHeck out also top 10 women’s fragrances 2014 you cannot miss!

Chanel fragrances, Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection Jersey

The third scent in the Chanel perfume collection is the Chanel Jersey. In the early twenties, Mademoiselle Chanel began to consider the jersey that until then was considered just a piece of clothing for men. With the same creative audacity, Jacques Polge create a new essence choosing lavender, an aromatic plant is not considered, sometimes even despised, relegated to the world of men’s perfumes and products for home, surrounded by white musk and only enhanced by a touch of vanilla. The scent is so comfortable and sensual. The fragrance is soft and gives the skin just like the fabric Jersey.

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