Chanel Eyewear Fall Winter 2013 2014: elegantly designed for all women

Chanel sunglasses fall winter 2013 2014: the woman accessories available in various designs and colors made ​​of softness and pride. Coco was (and is still) the emblem of the strong woman who likes a phoenix, reborn from its ashes being able to blossom and build despite the ugliness of life and the pains. Chanel, a century later, it is always the fashion house that makes the woman an icon of style, elegance, class, without concealing its weaknesses that make it unique.

Chanel eyewear autumn winter 2013 2014 Oversized round frame sunglasses orange

Let’s see the most beautiful models and the interesting things about the new Chanel sunglasses collection autumn winter 2013 2014, starting with those sunglasses.   Chanel has shown its glasses collection fall/winter 2013-2014 and it proposes once again, without ever becoming banal, youth models, unique, lightweight, full of light and color, elegantly designed for a feminine woman.

Among all the new collection of Chanel Eyewear Fall Winter 2013-2014 with rimmed square  (red)  and the temples filigree, silver metallic and gold and enriched with four-leaf clover, camellia and the classic CC logo (RRP € 600).

Original and the new model Pantos (green) metal profiled in nylon (€ 250). Sleek and lightweight the Butterfly model (aquamarine), elegantly worn by the beautiful Laetitia Casta.  The temples of this oversized frame are metal filigree gold and silver, with camellia, four-leaf clover and the CC logo (€ 750). Discover also the Chanel handbags fall winter 2013 2014.

You can see the cheeky, but without losing the class, the frames proposed by new collection of Chanel Eyewear Fall Winter 2013 2014. Knock the model cat-eye (mauve) and rods in metal filigree gold and silver, with camellia, four-leaf clover and the CC logo embroidered.

The same rods are also present on the round frame (sky-blue). Plain, simple, white metal effect profiled in nylon of the cat-eye frame with the rods bearing the Chanel logo. It does not go unnoticed by the oversized round frame (orange) nylon and titanium-rimmed glasses. You can see also our previous topic about enamels Chanel autumn winter 2013-2014. Stay up to date with us on the latest news on fashion trends, accessories for men and women and other interesting collection of the most popular brands.

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