Chanel autumn winter 2015 catwalk: real provocation of Karl Lagerfeld

The new collection Chanel women’s fashion autumn winter 2015 presented by designer Karl Lagerfeld, can be read as something that is always on the lookout for a sophisticated flavor, not a show any, but the parade for excellence, that will go down in history and will be remembered for not having earlier.

Chanel autumn winter 2015 catwalk with Karl Lagerfeld

In fact, the location, the Grand Palais in central Paris was decorated for the occasion like a giant supermarket, the Chanel Shopping Center to be exact.

The counters and shelves filled with products from the Chanel women’s fashion autumn winter 2015and where the strident voice of a megaphone broke the music with ads of all kinds. The models paraded across departments with an amused, while carefully scrutinizing the shelves.

If Jeremy Scott for Moschino chose to cheer the junk and fast food, the designer Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel and the brand prefer to create an entire supermarket. At the Grand Palais in Paris, the Fashion Show is decorated and dressed for the occasion in a very chic supermarket. Here the models parading not exactly, but they shop with their baskets made ​​of sparkling stones, their handbags egg chain, and of course their carts with double C logo. See also the new clothing Miu Miu Fall Winter 2014 2015 shown at Fashion Week in Paris!

Chanel autumn winter 2015: Fashion Show at Grand Palais Paris

All products in the Chanel Shopping Center Fashion Show recalls the heritage of Maison, from The Little Black Tea, eggs noeuf, the de Chanel, olive oil, engraved with the portrait of Mademoiselle Coco Flakes cereal until every detail is taken care maniacally, which makes the show a constant surprise, since when entering the room to the exit, with great joy and hilarity of the participants.

No more high heels seen on the Fashion Show, but the green light to sports shoes, garments cleared with the most stringent, in short, an  innovative collection, which sees the return of the great sneaker combined with full wool bouclé, sweatshirts enriched with precious details and leggings in futuristic metallic shades.

Chanel autumn winter 2015 catwalk show: winter shopping theme

Maxi pea coat, knee-high boots and shopping baskets that becomes real handbags. The entire collection of Chanel Fall Winter 2015 is tinted with a color palette quite wide, within which stand out pink and purple, red and orange, green and mustard. Great attention to the volumes they become more comfortable for a woman who always wants to be the style-conscious, at any time of the day and situation.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld with the Chanel autumn winter 2015 catwalk breaks the rules, leaving the models free of living space, making them become one with the scenography and involving the public in a work that has the sole and theatrical. Impossible to forget. Check out also the catwalk shown on Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2014 2015 with fairy tales mood on the stage!

A worthy collection of the designer who created it, Karl Lagerfeld  who has despised the rules of the walkway reinventing a new interactive way to take it off. It’s a real provocation by Lagerfeld, who had declared that the supermarket for him is the pop art of today, even if he does not go there ever. Source: StyleBlazer Chanel fall 2014

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