Celebrity glam – Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie dresses collection

Celebrity fashion-Kim Kardashian with her shoes collection

Kim Kardashian has converted a guest bedroom into a master’s clothing room. Maybe she need a lot of space, as her dresses collection are more than thousands pairs of shoes by Christian Louboutin that Kim can not live without them all. She never goes out of the house without high heels. Besides high heels, she likes over knee leather boots.

Celebrity fashion-Kim Kardashian with her accessories diamond and gold jewelry collection

Behind closed doors there are hidden accessories, diamond and gold jewelry. “On the red carpet I’m wearing my own valuable jewelry. I’m glad that I mus lend it to me never see“. For every day life she has no less valuable pieces of designers Lorraine Schwartz and  Loren Rydinger.

Celebrity fashion-Kardashian really loves to wear fur coats leather jackets and rock Blazers

Kim Kardashian really loves to wear fur coats, leather jackets and rock Blazers.

Celebrity fashion-Kim Kardashian with her favorite brands Gucci Fendi Balmain Christian Louboutin

Kim’s favorite brands are Gucci, Fendi, Balmain and Christian Louboutin. She buys sometimes at H & M, the most favorite shopping place for most of popular celebrities.

Celebrity fashion-Kate Moss with her dress and shoes collection

Kate Moss is also reportedly as woman who has various dress, clothing and shoes from the most top brand and popular women fashion trends nowadays that she has hired an assistant to sort and choose the suitable clothes for her in every events or invitation occasion. From the old clothes she wants to separate to the modern one to bring for each events, even though her assistant know that Kate will no longer wear the dresses.

Celebrity fashion-Kim Cattrall at her large clothing room

Actress Kim Cattrall, Aka Samantha from “Sex and the City”, the celeb stars are proud of their large size; 13.5 sqm clothing room with silver-framed doors. Both of them have large and plenty of room for her shoes, which she arranges in various shelf and room size.

Celebrity fashion-Angelina Jolie clothing room

Angelina Jolie, the queen of Hollywood Glam and the most popular celebrity of the day, maybe she has a special weakness and unique for her clothes and styles designer. Her clothing room with fitted wardrobes measures more than 30 square meters.