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Chanel Neon Wave Limited Edition Collection Summer 2018

Chanel Neon Wave: Electrify Your Look This Summer 2017

The Chanel Neon Wave Limited Edition Collection: Hyper Pigmented Eyeshadows and Fluid Enamels. Fluorescent nails. Luminous and satiny eyes. Play with the contrasts to electrify your look. Chanel Neon Wave is a bold and super glamorous collection Fluorescent nails, brilliant and bright …
Lustrous Beauty - New Christmas Gold & Light-Themed Dior Makeup in Limited Edition

Dior State of Gold Make Up Christmas 2015

Appealing radiant light state of mind, Dior Makeup presents Gold and Light, a new limited edition collection for Christmas 2015. From lipstick, eyeshadow palette, compact powder, nail vernis and other lustrous beauty products with magnetic aura and a touch of glamorous couture …