Boots trends of the season: the most glamorous models for summer 2013

There are many brands that offer different models for this season including summer boots that is becoming more popular footwear trends of the season. The laser machining of the skin is an interesting technology that allows you to create delicious embroidery on the hottest material for shoes and other men and women’s footwear trends 2013. Let’s find out what are the most beautiful models of perforated boots for this summer 2013.

Women footwear trends summer 2013 - Red leather boot

Who have a narrow or wide heel, the flat boots are total a real must-have for the women’s shoes spring summer trends 2013, especially if in perforated leather. In our gallery you can find at the end of the article you will find a unique selection of boots and trendy ankle boots for this 2013 season from all of the best brands on the market.

We’ve shown you some fashionable boots from Nero Giardini shoes collection spring/summer 2013 and shoes trends 2013 Fornarina brings a unique footwear colors, designs, and styles and the brand is not the only one to focus on the versatile and practical footwear type. You can find a lot of different shoes and boots with various models for example you can choose the romantic pastel shades of suede for high-heeled fashion boots and wide for added foot stability. The fascia of the ankle of the shoe is perforated with a vertical machining designs on the boot has a beautiful flower in the same material on the top.

Bagatt instead choose a more biker and glam rock boot style with lots of studs on the straps of buckles that are tied over the instep and a minimal tunnel on the calf.

The Givenchy designs are elegant and feminine, with slim heel and tunnel on the whole upper, which creates a network particularly sexy on the foot.

These models have greater appeal which you can browse in the gallery are just a few examples from which to draw inspiration for the collection on your shoes rack and complete your summer outfits.

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