Boho Chic Jewelry – The Perfect Accessory for Summer Weddings!

There are few things more beautiful than a summer wedding and a summer bride, and currently, boho chic is the trendiest way to go about those summer nuptials. Imagine a picturesque backyard with earthy tones and DIY décor with handcrafted centerpieces.

Robert Matthew Boho Chic Jewelry for Summer Weddings

Look down the aisle for the bride and her closest friends. That casual wedding dress and those effortless bridesmaid dresses deserve the perfect accessories. Luckily, Robert Matthew jewelry provides the perfect complement. Well, here on Fashionbashon, we’d like to show you the elegant, charming accessory collection of the season, unmistakably boho chic jewelry perfect for summer weddings!

Boho Chic Jewelry - Robert and Matthew Lily Hoop Earrings

Lily Hoop Earrings – Featuring gold-plated open circles with an intricate floral design, these earrings are a fun and flirty accent for the boho chic wedding look. Bold and beautiful, they’re fitting for the casual, laidback summer vibe. $75.00

Boho Chic Jewelry - Robert and Matthew Rose Gold Eternity Necklace

Rose Gold Eternity Necklace – With the circle as a symbol for eternal love, this timeless necklace, which features two delicate cubic zirconium stones and the word “LOVE” engraved beneath, is the way to tell your bride that she’s the one—for eternity. $69.00

Boho Chic Jewelry - Robert and Matthew Emily Butterfly Necklace

Emily Butterfly Necklace – A small rose gold butterfly topped with a smaller druzy-like butterfly, the pendant’s size makes it even more precious. This necklace is a sweet summer accessory that keeps your wedding spirits lifted through the whole season. $69.00

Originating from California, Robert and Matthew share a lifelong friendship as well as a passion for women’s fashion. From the contemporary influences of Los Angeles to the evolving styles of San Francisco, Robert and Matthew were inspired to create a fashion forward line of handbags, jewelry, and other accessories that suits every woman and every occasion. With over 17 years in the industry, Robert Matthew can be found on the arms of celebrities in Los Angeles and the necks of woman all over the U.S. For more information, visit

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