Blue ice outfits, more trending online shopping!

What trends in outfit to shop for today? It seems that one of the colors of autumn is this unique blue-gray, almost ice, which we have seen in many collections, not least the Blue Illusion of Chanel.

Blue ice outfits - more trending online shopping

So I thought of creating an Outfit with Polivore very simple, to make the best choice you can use this color.

Through internet you can access several Outfits made ​​of Polivore and see the detail of each piece used (brand etc.) hovering over them with the mouse.

I left the little shirt, I wanted something light and ethereal, perhaps with a transparent effect.

Are then passed to the shoes, I wanted shiny black with a touch of blue. When I saw these sandals from Dolce & Gabbana I had no doubts! Do not they wonderful? I said to myself that winter is not over yet and ache in New York sandals wear them all year .. haha, the excuse is really something!

Then served a skirt that befit them, I originally thought of a pencil skirt, but then I thought that a more open and flapping could recall the magnificent butterfly sandals.

What do you think?

Then served a jewel, something important and bright. Since the shirt collar and buttons on the front did not seem necessary to add a necklace, also the cuffs are long and a beautiful on tone bracelet I would have liked it. I opted for a wonderful and trendy big and flashy ring, with a stone-carved central moon that recalls the color of the shirt, crowned with crystals to give light.

One can add two light lobes, but nothing long or too flashy.

What is your opinion for this outfit? Do you really like it?
If I had in physical (and pennies for the shoes and the ring) I would wear again.