BeYu make up spring summer 2014: 8 trend colors makeup collection

Inspired by the fascinating expanses, vibrant shapes and colors of the spring sky, BeYu make up spring summer 2014 trend colors collection has created that makes you forget the shimmering-fresh colors the gray winter. Electric Sky kidnapped in a spring-like world full of magical play of colors and creates an electrifying spring look, everyday life with the fulfilled fantasy!

BeYu make up spring summer 2014: shimmering and electrifying color plays

The Soft Liner for eyes and more sets eyes with “Royal Blue” and No 723 “Shimmering Green” # 739 in the spotlight. The soft lead makes a light and creamy application.

BeYu make up spring summer 2014: dip eye liner

The improved tip of the Dip Eye Liner “Black” No. 10 provides for a more precise application on the eyelids. See also our previous beauty topic: Mat Mousse Foundation Kiko collection 2014: new Oil Free Foundation makeup!

The trend colors collection BeYu make up spring summer 2014 A spring-like eye make-up is achieved with the three, interlocking, shimmering shades of eye shadows Catwalk Star: “Blue Sky Shades” No. 41 combines cool blue and “Spring Green Shades” No. 33 tender greens.

The Diva Lash Mascara guarantees intense volume and visual extension with breathtaking momentum. The classic color “Black” No. 01 and the new Cobalt Blue “Electric Blue” No. 08 ensure a perfect eyelash styling. Thanks to their particular brush technology connecting two brushes with different fiber density with each other, it optimizes the eyelashes in density, length and shape. Carnauba wax nourishes the lashes, keeps it supple and flexible. The fragrance-free mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

For contouring the lips is the soft liner for lips and more in “Ruby Red” No. 563, a bright ruby color, the perfect choice.

With the moisturizing HydroStar Volume Lipstick in “Poetic Pink” # 355, an enchanting rosé, “Posh Pink” # 364, a fruity raspberry nuance, and “Spicy Salsa” # 429, a fresh Rosenholzton, the lips to be eye-catching. The lipstick provides the skin with valuable hyaluronic acid so that their moisture content is increased after 30 days by up to 22 percent. The HydroStar Volume Lipstick is free of lanolin and gluten. The skin compatibility is dermatological approved.

The lanolin-free and gluten-free hydro CareGloss gives the lips to limited nuances “Exotic Nectar” No. 39, a shimmering peach, and “Spring Rose” No. 55, a berry tone, vernal freshness. The innovative spin Volume Applicator glides during application thanks to its special roll mechanism smoothly over the lips and provides them with moisture. The texture with SPF 10 gives in one step seductive color, intense shine and long-lasting volume. The rounded applicator tip helps with precise application. Discover also the tips to get trendy temporary colors for your hair with Kiko Hair Revolution collection 2014!

The Long-Lasting Nail Lacquer on BeYu make up spring summer 2014 trend colors collection, the changing colors “Green Fairy” # 452, “Fairy Blue” # 484 and “Fairy Rose” # 568 round off the shimmering spring look. With its innovative brush shape a simple and convenient application is possible. Texture and brush are ideally matched. Applied in a maximum of two coats of paint, the texture covers excellent and convinced by a brilliant, ultra-shiny color result. The nail polishes dry quickly and give by their exceptional durability with an extra long wearing enjoyment.

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