Belen Rodriguez bikini collection summer 2014

The news of the summer 2014 is the collection of costumes Me Fui Belen Rodriguez and her sister Cecilia Rodriguez are drawn together on the bikini campaign. So the most talked about woman of our country back to talk about her, but this time it’s presented in a form different from the usual. Discover here all Belen Rodriguez bikini collection summer 2014!

Belen Rodriguez bikini collection summer 2014

What better investment than to exploit their image to sell a product, Belen knows a lot and has created its first line of swimwear together with his equally famous sister, although the Argentine showgirl is not new in the world fashion, having already had the opportunity to launch his own clothing line Imperfect in 2013. Me Fui (which translated means “I was me”) is the name of the campaign of Belen Rodriguez bikini collection summer 2014, consisting of a series of prints and patterns with ethnic colors of different patterns to match and combine with each other.

Belen & Cecilia Rodriguez sea costume bikini Me-Fui

For each fantasy are various models of both briefs that of bras, suitable for different types of requirements, from the simple band, to the strap more sustained for the breasts abundant, to the classic bikini; while among the briefs are those with the classic adjustable strap, with a lateral band wider and with the dual string.

Belen Rodriguez Bikini collection summer 2014 ethnic style swimwear

As for the sizes we have to say that all the costumes of Belen and Cecilia bikini collection summer 2014 are suitable for public “feminine panties” are in one size which fits from 40 to 44. And the bras size, while you can choose from S, M, and L.

The advantage for those who “enters” in these swimsuits Belen Rodriguez is being able to combine your bikini with colors, patterns and different sizes.

The collection Me Fui is available at and every bikini collection Belen Rodriguez is on sale at a price of 85 Euro shipping included.

Below is a gallery with all the pictures of the catalog costumes Belen Rodriguez Me Fui created with Cecilia Rodriguez.

What do you think of Belen Rodriguez bikini collection summer 2014? Do you think it’s fair to restrict the range of sizes only to lean lucky?

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