Belber, Iconic American Trunk Maker, Returns as a High End Leather Goods Unisex Brand

Belber, the Philadelphia-born trunk maker and luggage specialist that became the world’s largest luggage manufacturer in the first half of the 20th century, returns as a unisex leather goods brand after being dormant for 4 decades. Belber will launch its first line of bags and accessories in the 21st century in December 2015, bringing the original brand and its values back to life.

Belber leather bags, canvas bags, satchels & travel bags

From the start, almost 125 years ago, Aaron and Henry Belber created products for women and men alike. As early as the 20’s, the Belber team included women in the creation of patents and innovations. Function was always at the heart of the brand and Belber wanted to offer the same functional features to both men and women.

This first collection, “A New York Diary”, is a resolutely unisex line of bags and small leather goods for the professional urban traveller. Inspired by the colorful experiences of the mysterious Mr. and Ms. Belber in different corners of the City across the four seasons (represented by its first four color combinations), the full range will be available online from December 2015 on Authorized retailers launching in Spring Summer 2016 will be announced soon.

Belber, American unisex leather goods brand

Bringing a contemporary, qualitative, fresh take on bags and accessories for the modern professional without gender distinction, Belber is aimed at urbanites whose dynamic lifestyles call for products that perfectly combine style and function with a twist of humor and aesthetic surprise. In true Belber tradition, the first capsule is elegant and understated, impeccably crafted, rich in color contrasts and with great attention to detail in the finishing touches. Clear but subtle brand markers give each item a strong identity without altering the clean designs. The new Belber maintains the essence and inspiration of some of the original vintage iconic pieces from the 1940s and translate them into a product that fits the needs of today’s customer.

Belber is a love story with the best from the past, as modern as tomorrow and relevant today. Since 1891 the Belber name has been synonymous with style, functionality and innovation at accessible price points within the high-end leather goods market. Founded in 1891 by Aaron and Henry Belber, the brand is a fascinating journey of creativity and business excellence across family generations of European descent and American spirit. Currently led by a group of entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the Luxury and Fashion industry, the new team has turned a passion for unique, timeless pieces into a vibrant first line of essentials of undeniable quality and craftsmanship. Belber’s voice is currently in New York, its heritage remains in Philadelphia and the team operates between the USA and Hong Kong.

For more information on the brand, please contact Olga Dolapsakis at [email protected] or visit the company’s website:

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