Beauty tips: how to make up eyebrows in 5 easy steps

Let’s talk about beauty tips and style with a new tutorial on how to make up eyebrows. The neat and tidy, well-defined and perfect, though natural beauty is a must and so here are 5 easy steps to makeup eyebrows to get the most perfect look.

How to make up eyebrows in 5 easy steps: glamourous natural

The eyebrows are a determining factor in the harmony of the face. For example, a bushy eyebrow rejuvenates the look of a woman, while the opposite happens in humans. With age, in fact, women are more sparse eyebrows, often due to aggressive hair removal, while men develop disordered hair, bushy.

There are many ways to give different forms to our eyebrows: thin and round, thin gullwing, subtle, exotic and many others that you can see in the example table in the image at the end of this article. Here are the details of the easy techniques to make up eyebrows in a few steps. You can also read our guide on how to make up your lips and make them look bolder and sexier that we have proposed in the past few days.

  1. First you have to give the shape of the arch of the eyebrows using tweezers or if you are more experienced with wax. Finished in detail your eyebrows and clean them from debris.
  2. The gaps in the eyebrows should be filled with an eye shadow that is a shade lighter than your hair color. You can apply with the help of a thin brush which will help to give the desired shape for your eyebrows.
  3. If your eyebrows are then need to be retouched, you can use special pencils that have the dough mine harder than regular makeup pencils and a texture that allows it to withstand the heat of the skin and sweating. My favorites are the Diego Dalla Palma eyebrow pencils, the Professional Eyebrow Pencil Collistar and Poudre Sourcils of Dior. Low cost alternative is the Kiko Eyebrow Marker, a marking pen to outline and fill. It has a clean, precise and stretch and the advantage is not spilling. On the other hand it can dry quickly and after a couple of weeks does not need to repeat it anymore. See our selection of Kiko Makeup Catalog Digital Emotion!
  4. Comb your lashes with a small brush like the mascara, but obviously clean. In this way the two products used the soften standardizing the result.
  5. To fix the eyebrows in a precise and long-lasting roll out a clear gel for eyebrows at the same time remove the residues of the products used.

That’s it! A few simple steps for a seductive look and trendy! You can find also How to Apply False Eyelashes in 5 Easy Steps in our special article a few days ago.

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