Avril Lavigne wedding dress: black or white, she surprised the press

Avril Lavigne in black wedding gown

Avril Lavigne was wearing wedding dress twice? That’s right, the beautiful pop star was wearing two wedding dresses and playing a joke to the press, it was a glamour look with a Gothic style that adjudicated for the exclusiveness of wedding photos, the beautiful punk princess with her ​​hubby Chad Kroeger (the lead singer of Nickelback) looked very happy. And what happened with the Avril’s bride dress?

The wedding dress of Avril Lavigne was booming and becoming the trend which drew the attention from many photographers, online media and magazines, the photos are ready to publish soon. The dress chosen by the 28-year-old rock star was succeeded especially for the second dress; the white wedding gown!

Avril has donned her gown during the dress rehearsal, photographers have shot her pictures and the press has published the news but it is unfortunately because the dress was not the one immortalized on altar bridal but only its white version! The first Avril Lavigne’s wedding gown, the black one with Goth style, you see here at the top, was worn by the singer for the first time the day before the wedding, when the photographer Mark Liddell took the pictures exclusively for Glamour, all other images you will find them with the new issue on the magazine.

Avril Lavigne wedding

The first wedding dresses worn by Avril Lavigne is in black tulle, a chatelaine dress designed by Monique Lhuillier and immortalized in a castle in the south of France (look at the most beautiful collections of wedding dresses to be compared to the choice of Avril). And what’s your opinion about Avril Lavigne wedding gown?

Now Avril Lavigne looks forward to focus on her new album that will be released in September with the new single written with Chad. Here is Avril’s romantic statement regarding her bridegroom: “Chad Kroeger is a man who knows how to make you laugh a lot and knows how to do it forever. But he surprised me with his romantic gestures, those that make every girl like me falling in love.”

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