All about makeup trends for spring summer 2014

The sun, flowers and warm weather are back soon! And here we collected for you makeup trends for spring summer 2014 tips and guides to be at the top to your fingertips.

The healthy complexion

Makeup trends for spring summer 2014: healthy complexion

As every year, the thickness of the foundation decreases along the length of skirts. This year, for sunny days, the complexion is “healthy” or it will not. What a “healthy complexion?” A satiny, unified transparency and health skin look!

Well, if you have not been especially lucky in the lottery Mother Nature, you can beautify your skin with a few brush strokes: evens your complexion with a lightweight BB cream or oil-free tinted moisturizer corrects imperfections with your well pigmented concealer and poses a veil of powder on your T-zone.

The blush is required for this look. Choose pink or coral, and a creamy texture to dangle your cheekbones!

For even more light, you can apply an illuminator on the projections (high cheekbones, cupid bow, and bridge of the nose …) of your face.

Pastel eyelid

Makeup trends for spring summer 2014: pastel eyelids

In 2014, the pastel colors are in the spotlight, especially on the eyelids! If the marshmallow pink or purple immediately give a romantic air, they can also quickly make a dull complexion and eyes dull …

Whatever you decide to do with pastel eye shadows, do not forget to note your flush – to upper and lower lashes with a more contrasting color to give a little definition to your eyes. The eyeliner is a must!

The vitamin colors for lips

Makeup trends for spring summer 2014: vitamin colors for lips

Orange is the new red! This year, plan a good budget scaling to the dentist because orange is on everyone’s lips!

The choice of orange merchant depends on two criteria: your skin tone and undertone of your skin.

If you have very fair or fair skin, choose a true orange or pastel. If the color of your skin is medium, a well chosen flashy orange. If your skin is dark or very dark, an orange brick will perfectly enhance your complexion.

If the sub- tone of your skin is warm, choose a color verging on golden or yellow. It is rather cold, pulling the orange coral or red would be more appropriate.

The thick eyebrow

Makeup trends for spring summer 2014: thick eyebrows

In recent seasons, the trend was natural eyebrows and well supplied. Surprise (not): it is always the case for spring summer 2014.

The thick eyebrow is fashionable, not the mono- brow. So, always think prune between the two eyes (a bit so quickly pushed) to lighten your eyes and your pupils, to know if your eyebrows have small holes, fills in the gaps with the dyed product of your choice (pencil, wax … ). The goal is not to color the way Art holes number but to achieve subtle shading to believe in the existence of real hair. Once the holes filled, use a brow gel to secure your corrections. See also our previous tips: eyebrows makeup trends spring summer 2014!

If you find your eyebrows not enough, that is to say, too thin, thickening in the cross-hatching on the inside but also outside their natural line, still down (i.e. to say to the eyelashes and not to the root of the hair). Once their new line will appear smooth, fixed your work with a gel (again) or fixing wax.

Sky blue nail color

Makeup trends for spring summer 2014: sky-blue nail color

For sunny days, blue nail varnish is in the spotlight! To you to choose the color you like: azure, Bean, South Seas Blue … for all! You can read also Nail art trends for spring summer 2014 on our previous topic.

Pink, pink and pink again

Makeup trends for spring summer 2014: pink face make-up

If Radiant Orchid is the Pantone 2014 color pink is the star of the spring and summer. You’re lucky, this color goes to everyone!

Applied on the cheeks and lips, it gives good looks and awakens the complexion. On the nails, it is cute and neat palette.

Only the pink eye shadow is a bit more complicated to use: applied alone, the “eyes of albino rabbits” effect is almost inevitable. For a nice result, always choose a cold pink ( which takes more to purple than to red ) and applies a much darker shade (eggplant or chocolate ) on the flush – to upper and lower lashes to define the eyes.

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