Agyness Deyn: the Platinum Blonde

In the last years the image of the model Agyness Deyn has appeared on the covers and in the services of the most famous fashion magazines in the world. Then it was the turn of Armani and Burberry who have chosen as the face of their advertising campaigns. Let’s find out together style signed “Agyness”.

Agyness Deyn - Famous model

catwalk and do not recognize it, you might not want too fashionable. For months now that the face of Agyness Deyn rages between the pages of fashion magazines. They range from the covers of fashion of Italian Vogue and Vogue UK services custom and gossip on the Daily Mail or the English version of the weekly magazine Grazia.

Agyness Deyn - Giorgio Armani

Not to mention the advertising campaigns for Giorgio Armani and Burberry, or paparazzi photos taken at parties in London or New York more. It was overenthusiastic cutting hair a bit ‘Debbie Harry, a little ‘tomboy’ to bring luck, her style or her close friendship with the young Henry Holland (who knows from when they were just twelve years old), founder of the brand House of Holland, it does not matter. Top fashion model Agyness Deyn is now universally been crowned global fashion icon not only for her fame as a model, but also for its funky eclectic style.

Born in Rochdale, Lancashire, 25 years ago, Agyness, whose real name is Laura Hollins, has grown in Little borough, a suburb of Manchester. As a girl Agyness has landed a little ‘how did he meet: maid, waitress and Finally, even french fries served in a classic “chip shop” English.

Agyness Deyn - Agyness Mulberry bag

The British agency Models discovered it when he was 18 years, but, to tell her friends, the young never imagined they could end up on the cover of a famous magazine or to give the name of a bag (“Agyness Mulberry bag“).

Agyness Deyn for famous bicycle brand Pashley

The first work as a professional model – the cover for the Italian edition of Vogue in November 2006 by the photographer Steven Meisel – has launched an extraordinary way in the world of the most popular models by designers, but also the most copied for their style. Despite Agyness adore fashion designers and brands such as Giles Deacon, House of Holland, Gareth Pugh, Jeremy Scott, Galliano and Anna Sui, and despite vociferous that this year will earn more than 10 million pounds, one of the most expensive purchases that the model has never that is not a boss signed, but her now famous bicycle brand Pashley, model “Princess”.

The model has often said that it does not necessarily have to buy items of clothing and accessories expensive to get a very original style, enough of the special items purchased with little money and a lot of imagination. After Agyness is known because of her imagination and her penchant for improbable combinations of clothes and colors. Aggy, as friends call him, seems to get the socks in fluorescent colors, men’s shoes, the cigarette jeans and T- shirt punk bands (one of her favorite stores is Trash & Vaudeville, a boutique alternative to Manhattan specializing in punk Clothing and counter), but it’s her seemingly random combination of vintage clothes from different eras such as the 20s dresses and sweaters sloppy, that hit the hearts of many girls.

The cutting hats instead of the model has been renamed the “Agy” by hairdressers of London, bombarded with demands of their more or less young customers wishing to change style and abandon long hair. Among the other victims of “Agyness mania” there is also Pixie Geldof, daughter of Bob seventeen year old and stale, now protagonist of the worst mishaps in the most famous nightclub in London, which for some time has been converted to cut “Agy”.

Agyness Deyn - the Platinum model

The fashion experts state that Agyness is seen by future generations as a novel Kate Moss or some sort of icon, as it was a bit Twiggy in the 60’s. However, at least for the time being, fame does not yet seem to have given her head a little over a year Agyness moved to New York where he worked with the prestigious agency DNA, but remains very close to her family in Great Britain and her lifelong friend Henry Holland.

Agyness Deyn - Model of the Year 2007

The evidence? When at the end of 2007 was voted “Model of the Year” at the British Fashion Awards took to the stage with a cell phone in hand. At the other end of the phone was her beloved mother Lorraine with which he wanted to share live the thrill of victory. By Henry Holland Agyness however there is still between appointments each other and not trying to miss the evenings entitled “Fash Bash“, organized by Holland at Movida in London, after which it can meet at Marathon, a kebab shop located in the area of Camden Town.

But beware, the future Agyness is not only in fashion shows for a few months the model has formed a band with two other girls, the Lucky Knitwear, and hopes one day to be able to give to the cinema. If in the field of music and film will have much luck than they had on the runway, the star of Agyness Deyn is destined to shine for a long time.