Agent Provocateur lingerie spring summer 2014

The lingerie collection spring summer 2014 of the brand Agent Provocateur is divided into several sets of lingerie items that appeal to a female target who loves sexy and romantic style inspired by the classic housewife of the 50’s.

Agent Provocateur lingerie SS14 collection

So come on stage several coordinated that are inspired by the style of that decade, American historian and which give rise to different processing lines with lace details and crossings malicious glamorous, the palette chosen by the brand hosts strokes of black, green, red and nude color.

The glam lingerie collection Agent Provocateur Spring Summer 2014 is divided into several lines linked by a sophisticated design and fashion details that meet the needs of a wide target women. Among the thematic motifs of this proposal intimate the Total Black dominates on different lingerie designed by brand Agent Provocateur and between the most representative must-have several lines characterized by the total black mentioning the Series Tina  features a woven structure that creates a strategic and malicious network that surrounds women’s curves in a sexy way, the effect on the network that creates a cage structure is also offered on the complete underwear Sandra which is characterized by a modern and gritty.

On Agent Provocateur Spring Summer 2014 lingerie collection, the black backdrop also to complete Intimate Line Karen, the floral print instead distinguishes the glam and sexy leaders on the Series Petunia on the surface of small flowers bloom declined in romantic pastel shades. For those accessories lovers, you cannot miss Brosway women’s watches collection 2014!

In the proposal presented by Agent Provocateur lingerie spring summer 2014 then there is no lack of good manners and decidedly girly creations that are colored shades of soft pink as evidenced by the complete basic Series Connie; a style decidedly girly instead dominates the Mini Eye Candy Collection that offers models that blend in a delicate color palette that turns pink, blue and green. Check out also the collection of Lormar lingerie catalog 2014 we have shown you few days ago!

Agent Provocateur lingerie spring summer 2014: Hyacinth violet lace

Among the other lines do not pass unnoticed the Brittnie Outfits embellished with floral embroideries and bold elements and patterns in acid yellow color or you can see also Line Hyacinth that reward mostly the total violet with pink lining.

In addition to matching the lingerie collection of the French brand also includes skirts and kimono dressing gowns embellished with embroidery and glamorous details that point to amaze. There are many other lines on the Agent Provocateur lingerie spring summer 2014 you can see on the pictures below!

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