80’s fashion: Love the colors and styles for today’s trends

Madonna as Fashion 80's icon

80’s fashion and accessories trends: Madonna is the icon of a Like a Virgin Fashion, and the style remains until now … Is it really coming back in this year? The 80’s fashion background has not really ever gone. It’s been so modified, revised, adjusted, abused and recovery. The hair is smooth and the colors are muted but this is just a detail, perhaps this will be the last step for the return of the trend. Meanwhile, the leggings are back. Yes, these are our dear beloved leggings that become trends in fashion today. The name changes but the fashion style is not always a lot more different. And there are new colorful over-sized sunglasses and a hint of a return to the polka dots. Get ready; they’re coming back in fashion trends today!

Medium heels: Medium heels shoes were getting popular in the 80’s fashion; the people loved wearing the fluorescent shoes colors.

Freestyle Reebok: Freestyle Reebok in the 80s, the Freestyle shoes were a must-have among the fashion people at the time but now it is coming back to be a fashion trends especially for young teens.

Fluorescent leggings: in the 80’s the leggings were the basic of styles, fluorescent is preferably color trends in that year.

Military jacket: In the 80’s short black military-style jacket was a must-have and now you can see it appears in many catwalks of fashion shows 2013.

Multi-layer skirt with hard top and cascade necklaces: In the 80s fashion the people played a lot with fine silk clothing and soft cotton dresses. It looks more elegant and classic; this style is still favored in nowadays fashion trends.

Leather leggings: Besides the fluorescent colors, black leather is a must especially for those who want to look more glam popularized by rock n roll style at that time. In the 80s black leather leggings was much demand combined with some fluorescent colors such as pink shoes and other accessories.

Levi’s 501 jeans: This one is the most popular item in fashion 80’s, one of the must-have among other jeans models was the Levi’s jeans 501.

Polka dot with large multicolor: In the 80s the dots had to be large and multicolor. This popular pattern could be found in some miniskirts, leggings, party gowns and other dresses.

Large and colorful knitted legging: this is one of the characteristics for 80s style, it was fashionable, comfortable and sporty style.

Knitted tetris T-shirts: In the 80’s video games were also represented on the clothes. You should know that this pattern ever booming flourished the fashion in 80’s.

Geometric sunglasses: Large square sunglasses are the eyewear trends in 80’s fashion.

Trendy ffluorescent footwear: Pump and high heels have been completed the Glam era of 80’s fashion style.

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