5 Luxury Watches Collection 2013 2014: between elegant and innovative design

Accessory that never went out of fashion since its inception, the watch is always essential not only for its function but also can give an elegant touch through its stylish design … Check out 5 luxury watches collection 2013 2014:

Gucci G-Frame steel watch

5 Luxury Watches Collection 2013 2014 - Gucci luxury watch

 Square timepieces lined with 24 diamonds around the clock in elegant and innovative design. Since the beginning of watch making adventure of the Italian house in the 70s, Gucci folds dials its timepieces to the desires of its Amazoners, making rounds in the gold line interlocking or drawing dress size XS the Gucci G-Frame steel watch collection for 24 hours following the lives of the modern women. A frantic race against the passage of time which doubled as a new refinement when the icy touch of steel merges with the softness of the pearl. Nestled in the heart of a square box, the dial hard stone do not forget to chew the pleasure jeweler by acquiring either side of a strip of 24 diamonds in total when cravings Gucci form a perfect square.

Hublot’s Hypnotic watch

5 Luxury Watches Collection 2013 2014 - Hublot's Hypnotic Watch

Just like the “Big Bang Black Caviar” in ceramics, this timepiece subtly faceted and beveled swing tempo of steel. You can see through Hublot’s Hypnotic watch 2013 2014, the graphic dial watches Big Bang Caviar buzzes with cravings season. After dressed in black diamonds in the ultra-luxury version of One Million Black Caviar or is betting on an innovative dress in black ceramic, home to watch the temperature is raised with the Steel Caviar version. Also published in 41 mm, this timepiece is dancing on the wrist beveled facets of the dial, with sensual warming the icy touch of stainless steel on bare skin.

Rolex Daytona

5 Luxury Watches Collection 2013 2014 - Rolex Daytona Watch

Not only breaks all the speed records but Rolex Daytona watches collection 2013 2014 also sets to make an impression by its longevity. It is the Oyster Perpetual Cosmographic Daytona, and until October 26, this iconic Rolex watch from the house shines its 50-year reign at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

Fetish shows beautiful allures of Vogue Paris, the Daytona Rolex 50 years thrilled the fans watch. To discover the origins of this saga forged in steel, we must go back in time to the early 30s and be intoxicated by the gusts of wind hitting the cars rushing on the sands of Daytona Beach. It is here in Florida; Malcolm Campbell flirted with danger, beating the speed record with his Rolex Oyster only companion. An impression which will mark the first ever U.S. tour Daytona Continental at its inception in 1962. A year later, the house clock launches tribute model, the Oyster Perpetual Cosmographic Daytona. Simple Cosmographic, this timepiece located in the vein of professional watches Rolex has enriched 50 years many technical achievements and new templates, to go beyond the mere symbol of unbridled these races. A great story to discover until 26 October in the new space watches Bon Marché Rive Gauche. See also our previous topic: Liu Jo Luxury, colorful and shiny watches trends!

Graff diamonds jewelry watch

5 Luxury Watches Collection 2013 2014 - Graff diamonds jewelry watch

A single room, where a finely crafted 26.71 carat emerald hides the face of quartz watch mother of pearl. Usually the exceptions of the house of jewelry diamonds come only enclose Graff womens watches collection 2013 2014 to better sublimate dials. For her new single piece, Laurence Graff preserves time off in housing the mechanism of the quartz timepieces in a 26.71-carat emerald. Dressed in 400 diamonds and 133 pearls emerald, this secret watch makes a subtle homage to contemporary design by Art Deco. A beautiful object made ​​in London, pretending to have been in the gold mottled a prestigious auction house in order to deceive the most discerning eye. maybe you’re interested in our topic: Nike watches for men and women.

Hermes Tourbillon

5 Luxury Watches Collection 2013 2014 - Hermes Tourbillon

For 35 years, Hermes watch collection reads on the dials of headband watches. Real talisman that brought luck to timepiece brand, the heritage of the house Sellière comes naturally embrace this first launching of the tourbillon watch. This fragile mechanism admire here on the face of the arch Lift, protected by the same cage Double H that adorns the elevator doors of the store at 24, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. A symbol evoking the union between families Hermes and Holland in the early 1900s, to admire over 176 copies of the engraved on the back of the pink gold dial a single number and the emblem the house of Hermes.

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