4 top brands shows for Marc Jacobs at the end of Paris Fashion Week

It’s all over! We reached the end of the month for Fashion Weeks spring summer 2014 with a grand finale in Paris. The dismissal of Marc Jacobs for French fashion house: Louis Vuitton. We’ll see what the future holds, because a movement of chairs in the big names in fashion involves two or three moves and new appointments. For now, savor the last parades and stay with the looks that we like, that does not touch until February to start over with the carousel catwalk.

Vionnet ready to wear SS 2014

Marc Jacobs said goodbye to the style, with a show that reminded one of his big parades: the carousel, the hotel rooms, the escalators… But all dyed black, mourning for the farewell. All looks in black, with some denim and lots of ornamentation: pens, transparencies, glossy, very striking joint applications. I want to see even a nod to Chanel, as if to say you are now free as successor to Karl in the other major French firm.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen spring summer 2014

You can see more feathers in Alexander McQueen collection spring summer 2014. Sets tribal African inspired, but with a lot more color in black and red. Women warriors protected by armor and helmets that maybe look good on the catwalk but not quite to wear on the street.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu spring summer 2014

Miu Miu puts the sweet spot between both naive and grim and wild styling at Paris Fashion Week. Pastel shades a 60s touch on coats and trimmed skirts with a wallpaper pattern that decorates coats and fringed dresses and bright application on some clothes. A youthful and appealing collection that clones will certainly sooner or later.


Hermes spring summer 2014

Luxury Clothing with the best materials, the best finishes but nothing flashy (except for some printing). In this safari styling that presented by Hermès at Paris Fashion Week spring summer 2014, lacking greens and purples to walk through the jungle in clothes that cost a peak.


Vionnet spring summer 2014

I was a little disappointed to see a big name in the world of fashion as Vionnet limited to three or four misplaced fabrics. Where are the wonderful gathers, the perfect cut on the bias, these Greek style dresses hugged the woman’s body?

Those are 4 top brands shows for Marc Jacobs at the end of Paris Fashion Week. Whatever it looks on the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week spring summer 2014, stay in touch with us for the latest news in fashion shows with the most glamour collection from famous designers and brands.

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