4 coolest women’s apparel fall winter 2013

The most original London hat

Original London hat

Making an original look and not go unnoticed without spending a fortune? All bets on the hat. From London Fashion Week you can see many ideas such as creative wedding hats and clothing every day that make it special. A whole section of the fashion week, at Somerset House in London, it is dedicated to the milliners and called Headonism. To promote it, the British Fashion Council in collaboration with Stephen Jones, the hatter more loved by the international divas who is in Milan during Fashion Week, with an exhibition dedicated to Anna Piaggi. Brits are notoriously fan of this accessory, the Queen hat is definitely high masterpiece of style, having shown off of each model and color during all official events. However, it is in Italy that the tradition of milliners has developed, so that the term milliner (with whom the British designate the artisan’s hats) has its origins from “inhabitant of Milan.” Especially in the second half of the 900, there has been growth in the production of hats in the Monza. Peering here and there in the fashion shows in London you can find models to suit any type of clothing: the most elegant embellished with rhinestones and shaped like a turban, such as those of Aurora Ozma, the classic with veil and flower decorations by William Chambers. On the catwalk, John Rocha, the designer Asia naturalized in Dublin, presented showy wide-brimmed hats, are able to make the most intriguing own clothing, and that is well matched to the 50s balloon clothing. For the environmentally conscious, there are also some eco-friendly, made ​​with recycled materials, such as those of Mich Dulce, very matching color with contrast piping and flaps wider. Choosing the right hat is a simple move, to enrich even the most basic look, making them sophisticated.

Levi’s Revel women’s jeans

Levi's Revel jeans

The Perfect Jeans exists and is called Levi’s Revel? The boss inside a particular technology Liquid Shaping that controls the elasticity of the fabric gives comfort and fits snugly around the figure, defining the shape of the body of the wearer. This is the new challenge of the denim giant Levi’s. Its strategy aimed at consumers expected the global launch of “Revel”, a new line that uses a modeling technology. Starting from the satisfactions obtained in 2010 with the launch of the Technology Curve ID, the brand adds a unique offering in this model: a strengthening of the density level of the jeans on your thighs and buttocks. This jeans gives a stylish silhouette thanks to finishes and seams that lengthen the line. All at a price quite low: around € 110. Thanks to the super soft and elastic fabric, the jeans keeps its shape and comfort the wearer. The new line is on sale from October in all the boutiques.

Bottega Veneta handbags

Bottega Veneta handbags

A limited edition of jewelry and a clutch in china, so Bottega Veneta pays tribute to 250 years of Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin, better known with the name of KPM. For the uninitiated, it is one of the oldest porcelain manufacturers in Europe specialized in the production of fine ceramics. The Italian brand, which cooperates with the German company since 2008, has decided to apply on the basis of the iconic Knot clutch a bronze medallion in china, in which depicts two cherubs. To complete the collection also necklaces, medals, earrings and rings with porcelain inserts. A limited edition more than that combines refined elegance and purity of porcelain with exotic elements such as the bronze of the legendary Ayers Knot.

The boots become chic

Boots trends celebs street style

At the foot of the fashion lovers can not miss for the upcoming Fall Winter, the combat boot, amphibians, driven by the great return to grunge poses on all the catwalks in 2013. These shoes, worn only by bikers for years, they are the protagonists due to their versatility and audacity of the designers who have cleared from street style look combining them with cross-cutting or creating models decorated and soul chic. From Paris to New York, Milan, London, models, actresses, designers and trend setters choose amphibians (and strictly in used in classic black) to give the outfit a touch of rock, thanks to the proposals of the fashion house that combine originality and portability. With chanel chain boots, Saint Laurent presents a mix of Baroque and poor quality materials such as beads and buttons. Loriblu choose to apply the now inevitable small studs, Jimmy Choo offers a version in wrinkled skin, with Valentino steering wheel, while Pierre Hardy chooses simple lines with buckles. The stars know the long and, if one side Christina Aguilera does not give the combination grunge jeans and a plaid shirt, Lindsay Lohan and Selena Gomez choose stretch pants. Rachel Bilson is going to the game and also leads the amphibians on the red carpet with silk mini dress. Those are 4 coolest women’s apparel fall winter 2013 that youcan see worn by some celebrities on the street style or models on the catwalk. Stay in touch with us with the latest news on fashion trends.

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