10 Celebrity looks for Halloween style ideas 2013

A few days of celebrating Halloween on the next 31 October there will be who has been targeted to take advantage of the American holiday and spend a great evening with friends. Maybe you’re wondering what costume to be scary choice. Sometimes you have the solution in front of you, just look at the famous; they do know how to turn a look of street party or a stylist to be scary. So here we show you the 10 celebrity looks for Halloween style ideas 2013.

Celebrity looks for Halloween style ideas 2013 - Miley Cyrus on white wide costume

This 2013 Miley Cyrus is one of the Halloween stars. Her wide dress and white pants can be the most awesome ideas for the upcoming Halloween night party. There will be many imitated her performance at the VMA 2013 or any of its looks recent. Check out also Miley Cyrus hair on the previous topic.

Lady Gaga never fails to think party styling with something else to think less in wearing glam dress with accessories like sunglasses and black trendy boots. The higher platforms better, like the neck, the more scored more points to achieve the look.

Speaking of cleavage, Kim Kardashian takes the big prize. Her appearance at Carine Roitfeld’s party made ​​her a clear excelled. With Riccardo Tisci dress Kim Kardashian did not cut anything.

For a holiday and best inspired scary look  in Pixie Lott. Always have some styling for the scaring look, the more festive and elegant style for the Halloween night in next few days. That is a merit. With this dress Kim Yuvna exposes her glam look on transparent long dress.

Something similar happens to Hayden Panettiere. Georges Hobeika dress adds another prospective memory Halloween. Not so much by design, she brings it a little bit but by the way ends up being defended.

What would Halloween without the look provocative schoolgirl? Nothing. Paris Hilton knows this and showcases on her idea. It may be the first to go at night, like in the movies.

Whoever falls sure is Nicki Minaj who was not a disguise as appropriate for Halloween designed it herself in her own fashion brand. It’s very DIY look. If you succeed in something you’re going to scare anyone. Have you seen Nicki Minaj on Top & worst dressed celebs 2012?

You may like it so much that you have to hand mix a little of everything. The animal pattern jacket and pants by Fearne Cotton on the street style can be great reference. Mirror that reflected not only for one night, and then there is a risk of contagion.

Our friends do not know that it is fashionable sporty style? Ciara makes it clear. In black with gray and white accents along while rocking her dog. Do not know who looks more scared.

Modernity is outdated reef to scare on Halloween. Rita Ora has been trying different ideas to not disappoint that night.

Those are the 10 celebrity looks for Halloween style ideas 2013, you are free to mix and combine the costumes into another styles you want to celebrate the night party on the next few days.

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